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Equine Podiatry Education Foundation

The Foundation’s Research

Equine Podiatry Education Foundation will seek to develop uniform standards of treatment and provide research-based information and education for both the veterinary and farrier industries with a goal of achieving a meaningful reduction of equine lameness.

“At Present, equine hoof care, including proper trimming and shoeing of the equine hoof, is based on experience-derived decisions rather than from research-derived data that can be applied on a consistent basis”. (O’Grady 2009)

Equine musculoskeletal disease and resulting lameness is the single greatest contributor to equine wastage. Due to equine wastage, and resulting chronic lameness and pain, a substantial number of horses become unable to perform in the disciplines for which they were bred and trained, sometimes necessitating humane euthanasia.

Horse owners…

Rely on the knowledge of their veterinarians and farriers for the health of their horse’s feet. Unfortunately, many chronic foot conditions along with the biomechanical needs of the foot are not being addressed in the field because of lack of knowledge and antiquated paradigms.

Lameness is the single greatest contributor of economic loss to the horse industry.

The present lack of empirical data and clinical understanding of the equine foot provides the Foundation with research opportunities calculated to have a positive impact in:

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