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Equine Podiatry Education Foundation

Dave Jensen points at an image of a horse's hoof on a computer screen

What is the new and exciting Equine Podiatry Educational Foundation?

Richard A. Mansmann, VMD, PhD, hon. DACVIM-LA
February 17, 2019

Three people discuss the care of a horse's hoofCalifornia based Equine Podiatry Educational Foundation (EPEF) founders, Dr. Dave Jensen and farrier, Pete Healey have partnered with five experienced North Carolina practicing veterinarians interested in the total body of equine sports medicine. The published group of 7 are represented by 4 AVMA approved veterinary medical boards and successful regional riding competitors including a 2019 WEG participant. Each person is and have been active participants, promoters and organizers of equine sports medicine and podiatry professional level educational meetings for years.

The goal of this group is to advance the overall welfare of the horse by blending the current emphasis on highly individualized modern equine diagnostic imaging and treatments to data driven farriery, preventive and rehabilitation training and the role of rider contributions to horse health and welfare. In the current day of potentially every equine practice needing this expensive equipment, maybe the future emphasis should evolve to any equine caregiver in practice or at a teaching institute should be a skilled horse person who understands fully the benefit of data driven farriery, physical therapy and training connected to equine veterinary medicine.

All of this process to success could happen in a few ways:

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