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Equine Podiatry Education Foundation

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The 3rd Annual Carolina Equine Sports Medicine Symposium

Carolina Equine Sports Medicine Symposium flyerJune 29 & 30, 2019
Pittsboro, North Carolina

The 3rd Annual Carolina Equine Sports Medicine Symposium is partnering with the Equine Podiatry Education Foundation of central California to give attendees and sponsors the opportunity of Equine sports medicine and podiatry ideas across the United States. The 4th Annual meeting will be held in central California in 2020. Profits from the meetings and donations to the Foundation will be used for equine oriented CVM student scholarships and for clinically applied equine podiatry research.

The goal of the meeting will continue to have unique, thought provoking lectures, demonstrations and discussions related to practical and futuristic ideas related to Equine Sports Medicine.

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